Established in 2017

Every big organisation once started with a small idea!

“Brothers Interactive- where imagination knows no boundaries.”

Brothers Interactive is a team of passionate 3D artists that ambit great lengths of knowledge and expertise in developing 3D art for video games, CG movies, collectibles and many more…

Together, we going far...

Brothers Unite…

            Brothers Interactive was founded in year 2017, we are a couple of passionate 3D art Designers that collaborated to become part of something bigger and stronger and most of all highly reliant.

            Idea of brothers came as lightning to us, back than we were a couple of ex-colleagues, working as freelancers when suddenly we entertained the idea of working together as a unit. To make that operational and check the functionality of the whole idea we started dedicating our time as a team on various projects and the results were outstanding. And thus we became Brothers Interactive. Some of these projects have global recognition are now part of our esteemed portfolio section.

              We had our first breakthrough in the end of 2017, when local, national and international projects started flooding in. we started putting our work online and suddenly we were everywhere, substantial projects and opportunities were knocking our door. We started gaining pace and here we are Brothers Interactive no more just an idea but fully functional, potentially successful 3D art Content service provider company.

PC/ Console Games

Gaming being our speciality, we have years of knowledge and expertise in delivering high-end 3D art content for PC, Console games.

Mobile Games

When it comes to the mobile game development, our work is magic. We paint it 3D in beautiful patterns, highly impressive characters and UX that wins every gamers


We help you move ahead in your business domain by adding new technology stuff like AR/VR that makes you stand out from your competition.


Our team is experience essential where we have a team character artists with senior level experience which is 5-10 years.

Movies & Commercials

With our kind of experience and eye to see the minute requirements of Movies and Commercials we are able to reach deep down where your imaginations go wild.

3D Printing

Modelling and Sculpting in 3D software and imaging it into 3D printing is an art, where we work with our clients to 3D model different products like jewellery, toys, handicraft.

Our Top Features

Why Brothers ?

Project Handling

We make your investment and trust in Brothers Interactive worth it. Before exploiting your assets, we create a pipeline to make more valued use of your assets and deliver you your dreams. Furthermore, the pipeline is highly customized to match your project requirements.

Experienced Artist

Our team is on continuous growth, we respect talent and passion for 3D art and thus are always hiring to maintain a full-fledged team of expert animators, sculptors, generalists, modellers etc. Furthermore, currently we maintain a team of 3D artists with each holding minimum experience of 5 years.

Responsibility takers

We are the kings of execution, we divide your projects efficiently in experienced and responsible hands to give you desired out comes. Job roles and responsibilities are well defined at Brothers Interactive that makes project development cycle smooth and non-confusing.


We believe in channelizing communication which is seamless that helps us create a very productive work environment. When there are no obstacles in communicating and connecting the project is bound to succeed, because only then your imagination is meet into reality.

Meet Our Team

Guys who handles and get your work done
Arun Nagar
Art Director

Arun is the Art Director and when it comes to work he is awesome at 3D characters.

Praveen Nagar
Texture Lead

He is an outstanding artist. His understanding for shading and texture is just out of the world.

Sunny Sharma
Technical Lead

Sunny is able to handle any kind of 3D asset and he love to solve technical problems in projects.

Dilip Jangid
Senior 3D Artist

He is a very good artist. He has awesome understanding of mechenical modeling and texture

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