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Our Services

Our presence in 3D art Content is omnipresent, our 3D art Content Services range from Game Development, cinematic Movies, Collectibles, AR, VR and a lot more.

We paint your idea into 3D

Brothers Interactive- where imagination meets technology

Surround yourselves with your favourite characters with our 3D Printing services. We create beautiful and realistic, 3D models, 3D characters, 3D collectibles that brings new life to your character collection. Find expert ZBrush artists delivering 3D models next to your imagination.

Video Games

Something we are proud of. We have a unit of expert technical and designing team that help you throughout the process of Game development for latest mobile phones, gaming consoles and various game engines. We work intensely on latest technology that makes game development more powerful, robust and much more realistic for gamers.

AR/VR and Movies

We tap the latest market demands that helps you gain 360 degree advantage over your competitors. We create engaging gaming and movie environments, characters, props that makes you explode to the top of the industry. We work and invest a lot in learning technologies such as AR/VR, new gaming engines, market demand etc. that make us more efficient 3D Art Developer partner for your projects.


Where we bring your virtual idea into real world.

We enjoy our work, and that reflects in our art. We bring your characters idea alive by creating extraordinary 3D collectible pieces. Find unparalleled 3D printing services that reflects your imagination by replicating it in the character’s pose, anatomy, art style and entire look of the character. We work with ZBrush and have extensive experience in it, our fleet of artists is globally acknowledged for the same, where some of them hail from quite big names

Video Game Services

Clash with the Kings and rule the video game reign

After a lot of brainstorming and conceptualization for your game, we channelize our creativity into modeling process. The process includes imaging of your idea into 3D. We create organic and in-organic shapes and use latest technology to bring your imagination into reality.

Lowpoly & UVs

As game engines and consoles are getting more powerful day by day, artists are getting more freedom and less limitation for this stage. But we know the use of every triangle and pixel. We handle this stage as professionals.

Collision & LODs

Our experience in making collision mesh and LOD’s help us ensure better gaming experience. We have an end-to-end encounters and faced many challenges in which we technically resolved and kept silhouettes off mesh during stages.


Sculpting is a creative and skill based job, where we have a group of artists with outstanding artistic career gets into the process of sculpting organic or in-organic, characters or props, stylized or Realistic. We love this stage.

Bake & Texture 

Bake is the first stage of getting a good texture for 3D model, and Textures is the stage where your game models come to life, we love to add the important details which gives your game content life.

Game Engine Support

We strive for something new, we await new challenges and fight them with our intense knowledge and expertise. We have in our past experiences worked in Unreal Engine, Unity, Cry Engine and are looking forward to work on new engines too.

3D Content for AR/VR, Movie & Commercial

AR and VR Services

Enchanting detailed 3d art content with expert 3D modeling- Sculpting and 3D texturing, that gives your AR project& VR a powerful and strong front. We help you bring a newness in your project and product presentation by creating beautiful 3D art content like characters, props, environment and many more services.

Movies & Commercials

Our passion toward 3D makes things happen at Brothers Interactive. We have a long line of experience in creating animated short films, animated commercials. We have outsource 3D art services to various global commercial and movie projects.

Experienced Artists

Our team is on continuous growth, we respect talent and passion for 3D animation and thus are always hiring to maintain a full-fledged team of expert animators, sculptors, generalists, modellers etc. Furthermore, currently we maintain a team of 3D artists with each holding minimum experience of 4 years

Take Responsibility

We are the kings of execution, we divide your projects efficiently in experienced and responsible hands to give you desired out comes. Job roles and responsibilities are well defined at Brothers Interactive that makes project development cycle smooth and non-confusing.

Pipeline & project handeling

We make your investment and trust in Brothers Interactive worth it. Before exploiting your assets, we create a pipeline to make more valued use of your assets and deliver you your dreams. Furthermore, the pipeline is highly customized to match your project requirements.

Connectivity and openness

We believe in channelizing communication which is seamless that helps us create a very productive work environment. When there are no obstacles in communicating and connecting the project is bound to succeed, because only then your imagination is meet into reality. 

Transeparent culture

Cohesive development and cohesive working is promoted at Brothers Interactive; we have a transparent work culture which provokes work productivity and artistic development of our team.

Felixible timing
We make shift our work hours as per your project requirements. Being in creative field we understand what our job demands and the kind of dedication needed in delivering best of the best to our clients. 

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