Brothers Interactive, an

immersive 3D Game Art Development Company

Reimaging 3D Art in Video Games, Movies, Collectibles, AR-VR etc.

Based in Jaipur, Since 2017

The 3D Art Development that brings virtual world alive

Walk into the ‘true’ 3D Art environment, where 3D world becomes reality. Find state of the art 3D Content services that exceeds your imagination. At Brothers Interactive we help you capture the art of 3D art onto latest mobile devices, gaming consoles, AR/VR systems that help you outperform competition in the industry. We are a passionate team of  3D artists, generalists, tech-performers that substantiate your investment- natural or organic into perceptible, realistic 3D environment. We deliver our clients with professional and creative 3D art  services, such as character development, weaponry, props, collectibles for Video Games, CG Movies, Commercials.

We love what we do

Our Key Specializations

We love to sculpt, model, create. Find unparalleled creativity and picture perfection in our work with Zbrush. Where we focus on attaining the highly coveted 3D Collectible parameters such as anatomy, pose, art style and overlook. With our experience, we define new boundaries for 3D printing, we help you create something which is unimaginable and yet mesmerizing.


We ace the art of developing 3D art content, our 3D Game Development services include high-end 3D art designing content such as 3D character, prop, vehicle, weapon and environment development. We help you race to the higher edge of your business curve by integrating super-graphic quality, performance and optimization.


We make our tech-love reflect in our creations. Our tech-expertise stretches far, mapping some of the latest technologies such as AR/VR. We define these technologies by creating unparalleled creative 3D content for AR/VR which helps you in marketing your product better by enhancing the user experience by ten-folds.

A glimpse of our recent art work

Immersive. Invincible. Incredible
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What we do for video games

Working for video games is our priority and we love this industry very much.

We deploy an expert team of concept artists, modelers, texture artists, lighting experts that help you create effective 3D Art. We have a number of tools that have great reputation in the art curve for developing 3D art content that help us define 3D assets more vividly. 

Performance and Optimization

We help you create a loyal user base by generating high-performance and optimized gaming environments. We do 3D game Development that involves heaps of data and cinematic designing, optimized to provide you more and more smoother and better character flow and scenic transitions. Also, you will find our services a breakthrough in the wave of erupting new technology in the face of latest game engines, gaming consoles etc.

Graphics Designing

We create engaging interface your gamers, we bring them the new and more chic addictive 3D Games that makes your games much more realistic. Not only the game environment, we give a robust spin to characters, environments, vehicles, objects, weapons, characteristics / elements that make your game look more and more authentic. 


The best 3D game Development is the one which syncs with the client’s theme and storyline and we are master the art. We help you decide the different types of gaming environments, characters and elements of gameplay. We help you create a highly-functional roadmap that meets the requirements of your game. An overall game outline is created that helps you get a chart-busting rank.

Level Designing

Each stage and level designed uniquely, is something which makes our team stand apart from others in the curve.  Our 3D characters, environment development, 3D modelling burst unique 3D art content. Our entire services are built on the stacks of high-end reliable technology and our experience.

Experience and Reliability

We have the right amount experience and expertise to become a reliable art partner for your gaming app projects, further more we have experience in global projects in which many have held the record of being on top of the charts. With effective communication, right inspiration and dependable technology we are able to annex the impossible in your 3D game art development projects.

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